Prayer Wall

It’s Prayer Time / Corporate Time of Prayer Conference Dial-in

Conference Dial-in Number: 1(605) 475-4000
Participant Access Code: 554793#
We are pleased to announce that weekly prayer will be on Tuesdays from 6-6:30am. All are welcome to join and either listen or pray. There is no requirement that anyone must pray but we would love to have your presence on the line.

Julia Toke

I have created an agency that strictly adheres to standards of ethics and excellence, Business with Purpose. The creatives I represent each possess a unique aesthetic and relentless passion that when well matched to a clients mission, vision, products, and services, the creative team shares in the desire to generate a tangible return on investment for our clients. It is our privilege to work in mass communication, with this comes great care and consideration, for we, are the manipulators of minds and hearts. We only work with clients that align with our standards of making this world a better place for everyone, socially, environmentally, and civically. 

As a collaborative group, photographers, film directors, graphic designers together to create cohesive, high value, marketing assets creating a visual reality for our clients. We have full media production capabilities, meeting the demands of current fast-paced media schedules with innovative concepts, relentless attention to detail, and exceptional quality. We work worldwide with well-known agencies creating assets for commercial print, television, and new media campaigns.